Police Work. Simplified.

From gathering evidence to investigation

to evidence presentation.

Increasingly more and more police forces are relying on digital evidence such as photos or videos. As a result thousands of files are generated every day. These files need to be legally archived, and processed in a way to ensure protection from tampering. Furthermore, editing capabilities and legally secured distribution in a tamper-proof manner are needed. A complete solution such as SMARTPOLICE simplifies working with digital evidence by optimising processes, saving time and dramatically reducing costs.

Securing an accident or crime scene, recording the case and detailing evidence are all part of everyday police work. The authorities document what has happened and talk to witnesses. Your digital evidence (e.g. crime scene photos or witness interviews) needs to be easily, securely and centrally stored, then legally administered in a secure way and rapidly provided or distributed. For these tasks Police forces require a professional digital evidence management solution that is tailored to their specific needs.

SMARTPOLICE from futureLAB is the complete solution for digital evidence, covering all the steps: from gathering evidence to investigation to evidence presentation.


  • 9. March 2018

    futureLAB at SPIK 2018

    The Swiss Police IT Congress will take place in the Stade de Suisse in Bern on the 21st

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  • 1. January 2016

    The working group Smartpolice was launched.

    The working group Smartpolice is an association of Swiss police corps, who are using futureLAB’s product Smartpolice and

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Why Smartpolice?

Some of the largest police forces in Switzerland are already working with SMARTPOLICE. Among others, the cantonal police of St Gall and Zurich, as well as the Zurich and Bâle City Police. And for good reason: SMARTPOLICE is ...

  • Browser-baseD

    This facilitates the collaboration of all team members at different or changing locations and increases their efficiency.

  • Clever

    Smartpolice finds files via keywords that have been stored for photos. A intelligent auto completetion function searches all keywords and automatically completes them.


    Regardless of location or department, everyone who has the corresponding access authorisation can always access the most current version of the digital evidence.

  • EffiCiency

    Anyone, beginner or expert can instantly access, administer and share media or event data without having to read a thick manual.

  • EASY

    Customising excerpts or altering colours, contrast and brightness is child’s play. And the autocorrect feature also improves the images with one click.

  • IntegRATED

    Smartpolice is directly integrated into the IT infrastructure via various interfaces. User directories or databases are seamlessly integrated.

  • IntuitivE

    Anyone who can take photos with a camera, iPhone or iPad and work with a simple photo management solution can organise and edit files with Smartpolice.

  • Smart

    Access rights are defined for individual users, groups or for all. Access permissions, e.g. like the automatic deletion period are protected with digital signatures.


    Smartpolice transfers files to Police reporting software solutions such as INPOS/ABI or Polis4 or will generate search sheets and print orders itself.

  • SEARCH Success

    The rapid dissemination of photo and video material (e.g. perpetrator, vehicles, stolen property) to all other units via the first engaged unit at the scene increases the chances of catching the perpetrator. For capital crimes or major events all images or videos are immediately made available to the situation centre as well as each workplace if necessary.


    Login information is encrypted, images are digitally signed and access information or manipulations are logged. Communication is encrypted and protected. Users only work with copies; all originals are saved in a way that is secured against falsification and tampering.

  • Investigation SUCCESS

    The rapid delivery of crime scene images and videos protects evidence and optimises the securing of evidence and evaluation. Because the images are immediately available, the criminal investigation department can conduct searches that are more targeted and efficient. Photos of missing persons will immediately be shared with search teams and investigators.

  • Call +41 52 260 22 22

    If you would like to know more about SMARTPOLICE please call us or send an email to info@smartpolice.ch. We would of course be also glad to personally demonstrate our digital evidence management solution to you in greater depth.

    On your premises or ours, whichever you prefer.